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You have a lot of potential! Your art looks very nice and your animation is pretty good. I would suggest you work on making longer animations though. This was very short. I know it can be exciting to get something out there as fast as possible but if you have a little patience and work on making longer stuff it'll pay off in the end, I promise.

Chara's always male in my headcanon, but otherwise this is absolutely amazing. The animation, those fantastic effects, and the writing too. You did a bang-up job. Keep it up!

I didn't hear about this before today. It's a shame that it was cancelled, this sort of thing is right up my alley. Good luck with your future projects! If you ever move forward with something similar to this, you'll have a fan in me.

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I had a good time with this. Good for a laugh, lol.

Here's my two cents.

I like this game. I like the art style, the levels, and the characters. I can tell you put some work into this and I commend you. I have only two problems with this. Number one would be that, as far as I could tell, there are no special moves. So many of the characters have weapons, but there's no special moves for them, which is irritating. Don't get me wrong, I know that just programming this game took effort so I'm not calling you lazy or anything (I tried once to make a fighting game in flash) but a couple special moves would have been nice. My second problem is, as someone already mentioned, the AI. The first time I fought Alucard I got him to about 1/3 life but he beat me. The second time I held up and forward and repeatedly tapped the kick button. Through some glitch in programming I began some sort of homing kick where even though I was holding up and right, Pico would turn around and come back at Alucard when I was on his right side with jumps that had very little horizontal movement. I continued to beat all characters with this horribly cheap tactic. You should have a few people you trust beta test it and try to find things like this so that you can implement something to punish it, or at least change the programming of your jump so that it doesn't conveniently shorten them to match the distance to the opponent. Oh, and though this isn't a major problem, you should have a few built-in combos for each character. Hope this was helpful.

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I was looking for "theme music" for a flash I'd like to make when I came across your Determined Battle. It was so good that I downloaded it, and listened to the rest of your stuff as well, downloading each of them. You're an amazing composer, so much emotion in your pieces. Keep up the good work!

corbetweller responds:

Thank you kindly my friend! I hope to publish many more pieces over the summer, so stay tuned :)

Dear God...

This is awesome. This is really professional sounding. I am thoroughly impressed.

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This is beyond incredible. You guys really nailed it! Not just the costumes (which are amazing, by the way), but the hair, the props (I especially love Nene's rope), and the poses all just scream Pico, Darnell, and Nene. This is the first time I've seen an older Pico and felt totally onboard with it. I love this more than I can say.

I don't understand...

But I accept this content as true. Triscuits phoned drenchedly their tendrils roasting Memorial Day Weekend savage forgotten ace of spades. Oggle.

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