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You have a lot of potential! Your art looks very nice and your animation is pretty good. I would suggest you work on making longer animations though. This was very short. I know it can be exciting to get something out there as fast as possible but if you have a little patience and work on making longer stuff it'll pay off in the end, I promise.

Chara's always male in my headcanon, but otherwise this is absolutely amazing. The animation, those fantastic effects, and the writing too. You did a bang-up job. Keep it up!

I didn't hear about this before today. It's a shame that it was cancelled, this sort of thing is right up my alley. Good luck with your future projects! If you ever move forward with something similar to this, you'll have a fan in me.

While I'm not a fan of the slapsticky child-friendly genre (I can only survive so much Spongebob before I need to turn on a good action movie or something), I feel you achieved what you set out to do perfectly. I could easily see this on Cartoon Network with Johnny Test, Adventure Time, that one cartoon about the monkey, and all the others. This is a TV-ready short. The art is very clean, the humor is spot-on for the genre, and the audio cues and sound effects were done absolutely perfectly. This is, without a doubt, something to be very very proud of.

This was awesome. The voice acting was spot-on, the singing was nice, the song was cute, and the visuals went with it nicely. It was very touching. On top of all of that it starred my favorite Nintendo character!!!

...And his dad.

Wow, this is really really impressive! There's so much animation, the art style is so true to DBZ, and on top of all of that this episode is so long! (Not in a bad way, most flash animations i see are about 3 minutes or less, so when I point out the length I'm just saying it's impressive that you were able to keep the animation quality up for SOOOO long!) I'm very interested to see where this story goes!

I have only two complaints. My first is that some of the voice acting was done at a different volume than some of the other voice acting it felt like. For instance near the end I had my volume set to a comfortable level for Babidi's voice (and everyone else's who was speaking at the time) but had to turn the volume up a bit and rewind it to catch what Uber Buu said.

My second complaint is that all of these fights are very one-sided. Like... RIDICULOUSLY one-sided. Ideally, a more even fight where the heroes eventually figure out a fatal flaw in the opponent's strategy would be best. I assume that's coming later. I can't really fault you, DBZ actually did do this sort of thing a lot, so again it's true to the source material, but I wasn't a big fan of when they did it either. The whole 95% - 5% battle split if you know what I mean. Where an important character goes into the battlefield and thinks "I'm going to fart in this guy's direction" and the throwaway opponent character thinks "I'm going to use everything I have, including my new super death technique" and then the battle starts and the throwaway character is promptly disintegrated. It can be done once for comedic effect, but when every fight is basically that it gets kinda cheesy. There are other, more creative and entertaining ways to say "this character is really really strong."

Aside from those two minor complaints though, this was a truly truly truly impressive spectacle. Keep up the good work!

bocodamondo responds:

yeah i know about the audio volume problems, the voice lines from the voice actors were VERY varied in volumes, i had quite the struggle to keep them all almost at the same volume level

-dont worry , there will be better and more intense battles in later episodes, there is even one in the next episode

I lol'd. So true too.

FrostDrive responds:

Glad you could relate. :D

I liked the art, but I couldn't understand a single word the mom said. So for me the flash was: Boy is angry, mom makes noise, boy burns house down. I assume she said something about homework since it's in the title but... I dunno.


That was funny. I expected something a little different than Ash kicking it. I was waiting for Geodude to either try to make an Onyx noise or to give in to the irresistible urge that all pokemon have to say their own names, and then Brock to flip out or something. Even so, I think this was a pretty good flash. :D

Cool Painting!

Not sure how well it works as a flash, per say. You should look into uploading it in the art section. But I do like the attention to detail in the piece itself. Well done!

Michael1957 responds:

Thanks for the critique. This picture is in the art portal and I'll stick with that.

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