The script is complete, the characters are designed, and now I need voices! In case you missed the post in the forums, there's an open audition page to be part of the first episode of my upcoming series Bladewield. There's been a steady flow of great voice actors so far, but you could be the voice I was waiting on! Click the link at the bottom of the post to check out the project and see if you want to help me make this the best animation it can be!


(Seriously, if you're a female who can do a voice for a male child I'd like to hear it. I haven't gotten any of those yet, and considering how common it is in cartoons on tv I'm a little surprised.)


The project page:

I'm currently working on a flash series and in an effort to develop some of my characters and keep them varied enough to appeal to different audiences, I'd like to know some of YOUR favorite animated characters and what you like about them. This is purely an opinion thing, so don't worry about being told that you're wrong. I want to hear your opinion whatever it may be. I'm partial to Aang because he's highly skilled, kind hearted, and quite powerful but he has a naive innocence that can get him into trouble at times.

How about you?